Get to grips with DIY this Easter

As the first Bank Holiday of 2014 approaches, this can only mean one thing - the biggest DIY weekend of the year.

Nothing can deter UK consumers from indulging in a spot of Bank Holiday DIY and thanks to EASipanel, transforming your living space couldn’t be easier.

EASipanel’s two panel styles – tongue and groove and raised and fielded are the perfect blank canvas to use if you want a quick and simple way to brighten up your home.
The high quality, embossed MDF panels have a realistic wood grain finish and attach over any existing surface, including wallpaper or untidy plaster, which means they can be installed easily by any DIY enthusiast.

Thanks to EASipanel’s unique timber-textured MDF construction you can eliminate much of the boring sanding and preparation leaving you free to get on with the fun part. A couple of coats of good quality paint will give you a perfect, durable finish.

EASipanel Tongue & Groove panels come in a 3ft dado height size (516mm x 915mm) at around £7.99 per panel, and a taller 5ft size (516mm x 1,522mm) at around £10.99. One length of dado moulding (1,032mm x 60mm x 15mm) covers the width of approximately two panels and costs around £3.55. Also available is EASipanel’s Raised & Fielded design featuring an inset frame detail: standard 3ft (512mm x 915mm) at around £8.99, and 5ft (264mm x 1,525mm) at around £10.99. One length of dado moulding covers the width of approximately two panels and costs around £3.55.

EASipanel is available from Homebase stores nationwide (tel: 0870 900 8098), independent retailers (tel: 0115 911 3500) and from trade joinery specialist, Howdens or see